Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school. 
Albert Einstein 
About the founder

Mr. Veeran P sayed the founder of J & J English medium School is not a man of limited means. He says his pursuit in providing quality education at an affordable fee to his villagers is only begun. "Whatever I missed during my younger days, I want to make it accessible to others" according to Mr.Veeran.

As founder and facilitator of Ibn Al-Hytham Islamic School in Bahrain (CBSE), he has gained ample experience in the field of education to launch his dream project in the home setting. A widely travelled man, his concept of ‘access to education without any consideration of religion, caste, community or creed’ is the reflection of an international outlook.  The secular nature of J & J English Medium School is due to the relentless effort of Mr. Veeran and a group of like minded people.  
Mission Statement
To make the students free from stress and strain, swimming training has been introduced in syllabus and convert the school as the first school that is providing swimming to all the students. 
Establish a well equipped Edu- Analytical Lab for easy understanding of the lesson where lessons are given through interacting games and activities on tablets and make the students to feel the pleasure of learning. 

The school

Founded in 1996, J & J English Medium School adjoining the backwaters of Karupadanna is in Vellangallur Grama Panchayath , Trissur District, Kerala. Grown up to Senior Secondary level and spreads over an area of eight million square feet the school follows the central curriculum affiliated to CBSE. Soon after its inception the school has introduced many innovative ideas aimed at the Physical, Mental and Spiritual development of students. The School has many unique to its credit.  Some are.. 

  • Eco friendly School
  • Floating class rooms at the backwaters
  • Water sports
  • Swimming pool

Modern labs, Internet Connectivity, Interactive teaching sessions, digitized classrooms through innovative use of technology, choice of co-curricular activities, sports and cultural events…. all conducive to an enriched pedagogic experience.